//Mediterranean Flair: Gulius brings eco-premium products to the UAE

Mediterranean Flair: Gulius brings eco-premium products to the UAE

With an agro-forestry farm in Central Eastern Spain, Gulius aims to produce and commercialise exclusive, premium-quality products from the Mediterranean region including oils, jams, pastes, powders and more. Here, MENA distributor Cioccolillys Trading Founder Hayder Al Zuhairi details the unique philosophy behind the brand’s approach and its success at the recent Gulfood 2021.

“Gulfood 2021 proved to be the perfect platform to showcase Gulius products from our farm, located in the province of Albacete, Spain to the MENA region and beyond,” says Al Zuhairi.

“At Gulius, we produce a unique range of products following extremely strict environmental farming methods. For us, it’s essential to uphold to our two main precepts, which are the sustainability of our agricultural practices and the production of high quality products,” he adds.

Al Zuhairi continues to explain that the company’s pursuit of organic farming best practices has always been an area of focus. “Not only have we received the Demeter Biodynamic Certification, but we also decided to be the driving force and create a new agricultural practice under the name of ‘bio-integral’ (Arborigen), which takes into consideration all the parameters of the aforementioned certification, and addresses other issues which we consider of great importance; these include the non-use of natural water reserves, using native plants as rootstocks and reforestation.”

As a result of these agricultural practices, the company has planted a range of high-quality crops; it was with these fruits that it developed a selection of eco-premium products, commercialised under the brand name of Gulius – Mediterranean Select.

“We have ensured that raw materials were processed following traditional production methods to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the main ingredients, and offer a selection of products of the highest quality. Considered by many to be unique, our pastes are blended in granite stone mills to achieve the right consistency in the same way that our oils are obtained using hydraulic presses at room temperature to achieve a pure liquid with all-natural goodness and an amazing flavour,” adds Al Zuhairi.

He explains: “Since we consider our products to be rewards from nature, we also wanted to present them as such, in beautiful glass jars with elegant, individual boxes – an ideal gift for companies or individuals who are looking for something original and for the most demanding of palates. We have also launched a line which offers a great solution for any kitchen.”

For Gulius, Gulfood presented an opportunity to showcase the great potential that the brand holds to new business prospects. The gourmet, eco-premium selection of products captured the interest of many who were looking to add a unique flavours to their palettes, including numerous chefs. The company has signed MOUs with several local companies, the founder highlights.

“Through Gulfood, we have also been able to discuss distributing the products at several hotels in the region. Our team is very grateful for all the positive feedback we have received. We also appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to present the brand to the world, especially given the current circumstances,” says Al Zuhairi.

He concludes: “Being a part of Gulfood 2021 was a great opportunity to present Gulius and meet potential customers and business partners. When I heard top chefs describing how, in all of their years attending the exhibition, they had never been more impressed with a brand, it made me proud to represent it even more.”