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Raw nuts with all their original energy, the properties of their bio-integral and biodynamic farming, the authentic flavour. Small treasures of our geography, born with a vision that strives for quality, excellence and the commitment with nature.


With a high concentrated level of nutrients, the pistachio is one of the nuts with the highest fibre and energy content. The organoleptic characteristics of our bio-organic pistachios convert them into a very tasty snack. It is also an ingredient which contributes to enrich salads, pasta, stews and the plating of dishes.


Rich in protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and vitamins B and E. The almond is one of the most used and recognised nuts in our traditional cooking. The biodynamic agriculture highlights quality and its complex aroma and taste. As an ingredient in confectionary and different stews it contributes with taste, depth and texture.


The range of the GULIUS nuts are commercialised in elegant glass jars of 106, 212 and 314 cc, which are all presented in an exquisite individual box. Each logistic box includes 8 individual boxes of 106, 212 or 314 cc.