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A great range of nutritional richness and with many gastronomic possibilities. Integrated pastes that are totally natural and produced from bio-integral and biodynamic fruits, which are grounded at room temperature in the traditional method of granite stone to achieve the adequate quality and texture.


Obtained by the grinding in a granite stone mill, in order to offer a pistachio paste with the perfect consistency and humidity. A proposal full of flavour, ideal for making sauces and dressings also great as a base for the preparation of pastry and ice creams.


Traditional milling allows preserve all the nuance of the fruit in a palate of complete taste. The Marcona (almond) paste is a suitable ingredient for producing ice cream and confectionary. It is also appropriate to enrich broths, creams, sauces and as a crucial ingredient in main dishes.


The jujube fruit is rich in sugar, mucilage and vitamin C. Also produced in an ambient milling process, the jujube paste is interesting because of its smooth yet complex fruity taste, very suggestive in the pastry preparations, blends sweet and sour vinaigrettes, in sauces and exotic recipes.


The range of the GULIUS pastes are commercialised in buckets of 500 g and 1 kg. Each logistic box includes 12 buckets of 500 g or 6 buckets of 1 kg.