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Gulius La Esencia
Gulius La Esencia

Gulius is born from nature, the landscape, and a bio-integrated crop. A family of eco-premium products that enhance the great virtues of the Mediterranean diet: taste, balance, authenticity.


An agro-forestry farm in the central-eastern area of Spain. Sun, light, and a continental climate. Diversity, harmony and character. Eternal essences of the Mediterranean.


We have developed the ARBORIGEN Certificate of Bio-Integral Agriculture, the highest level of agro-ecological and bio-environmental cultivation in the world. In terms of production, it marks the summit of nutritional and organoleptic quality.


We farm according to the biodynamic precepts, a practice superior to organic agriculture that uses mineral and plant inputs and follows the lunar phases.


Quality, forward-thinking, and the will to offer the international markets the highest nutritional level, health and organoleptic experience.


Gulius is born with the vocation to produce and commercialise exclusive products of maximum quality from the Mediterranean region, with the objective of offering our customers unique tastes and experiences.

Gulius La Esencia


Highly valued during millenniums, the oils of Mediterranean nuts are in the roots of our nutrition and gastronomy. They are jewels of ancestral origin that we continue to produce in the same traditional way through a process of cold press from our pistachios, almonds and olives of bio-integral and biodynamic farming.

Gulius La Esencia


A great range of nutritional richness and with many gastronomic possibilities. Integrated pastes that are totally natural and produced from bio-integral and biodynamic fruits, which are grounded at room temperature in the traditional method of granite stone to achieve the adequate quality and texture.

Gulius La Esencia


A small range full of interest and gastronomic charm, which arises from the rich agro-biological heritage of our Mediterranean. It consists of two varieties, azarole and cermeña: they are ancestral semi-wild fruit trees more than 500 years old and today at the brink of extinction. Its fruits offer delicate and surprising jams.

Gulius La Esencia


Traditional Spanish pastries have bequeathed to the history of gastronomy a sweet of singular intensity: turron. Its elaboration, with Arab reminiscences and the eastern Mediterranean, is based on quality nuts, such as those we use to develop our exclusive range.

Gulius La Esencia


Our bio-organic powders are obtained from the milling the pulp of the fruit; it is considered a superfood because of the high protein content. Pure fibre, its composition is distinguised by its quality and nutritional value.

Gulius La Esencia


Raw nuts with all their original energy, the properties of their bio-integral and biodynamic farming, the authentic flavour. Small treasures of our geography, born with a vision that strives for quality, excellence and the commitment with nature.


Gulius at Fair in Olympia and at Gourmet Selection salon in Paris

September, 2021

Fair in Olympia (London) and at the Gourmet Selection salon in Paris where once again the quality of the Gulius products was recognised awarding the raw pistachio paste with a prize.


Gulius has exhibiting at the Speciality Fine Food 2021

September, 2021

After the lockdown and the great difficulties that we have all suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are excited to announce that Gulius has started the month of September with great energy and enthusiasm, exhibiting at both at the Speciality Fine Food 2021



Gulius aims to achieve maximum excellence in all its native fruits, to be the international reference of Premium/Gourmet product. The ARBORIGEN certification seal is testament to this.

With this concern we have developed and reached the highest agro-organic and environmental level through the implementation of biointegral (ARBORIGEN) and biodynamic (DEMETER) agriculture in our farm. Presently being:

The first and only pistachio producer in the world certified in ARBORIGEN and DEMETER.
The first and only producer in the world of the exclusive variety Marcona (almond) certified in ARBORIGEN and DEMETER.
The first and only producer in the world of the exclusive variety Cornicabra (olive) certified in ARBORIGEN and DEMETER.
The first and only Jujube producer in the world certified in ARBORIGEN and DEMETER.
The first and only Azarole producer in the world certified in ARBORIGEN and DEMETER.

Biointegral and Biodynamic agricultures are the most demanding agronomic and environmental practise internationally recognised.

We are also certified in organic agriculture on a national level and with an international recognition.

Most of our products are vegan.

Sello calidad Gulius Sello Demeter
Sello calidad Gulius Bandera UE
Sello calidad Gulius Sello Vegan


Calle Mayor, 36
02270 Villamalea
Albacete, Spain
Phone +34 967 483 549


Álvaro Lugo
Mobile +34 609 063 148

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