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Our bio-organic powders are obtained from the milling the pulp of the fruit; it is considered a superfood because of the high protein content. Pure fibre, its composition is distinguised by its quality and nutritional value.


The pistachio powder is a vegetable protein with a lot of health benefits. Also, with a very high vitamin content of A, B, C and E, it also has phytosterols and lutein, a strong anti-oxidant.
Its culinary possibilities are very broad, as a thickening agent, in the plating of dishes, traditional and contemporary desserts and from Mediterranean pastes to elegant macarons.


Like in the case of the pistachio powder, the Marcona (almond) powder is suitable because of the nutritional requirements of athletes, the elderly and young children. Between others, components such as vitamins B and E, the essential fatty acids and a complete selection of minerals, convert this delicious almond powder into an essential food ingredient.


The range of the GULIUS powders are commercialised in buckets of 500 g and 1 kg. Each logistic box includes 12 buckets of 500 g or 6 buckets of 1 kg.